Don't waste you life on us low-tiers!
We're a dime a dozen!

- Blue-haired woman

This is the 97th episode of unORDINARY.


Isen alerts Remi of 4 people heading over to the blue-haired woman's house. Remi stands up, informing the women that people are coming, but reassures her that she will take care of them. The people mention a distress signal (presumably from the tax collector from the last episode) and don't know anything else of the situation. Remi shows up and introduces herself as the superhero X-Rei. The people don't think much of her but comment that they don't want superheroes around and engage Remi in a fight.  

After avoiding their attacks and trying to question them about Waldo, Isen encourages Remi to question them after she beats them up. Remi effortlessly electrocutes everyone except the blond man (Quinton) and demands the location of Waldo. The tax collector interrupts her, strangling the blue-haired woman to get Remi to let go of Quinton and depower. Remi complies with this and the man tells her to leave town. The blue-haired woman cries and tells Remi that she shouldn't waste her life on low-tiers. Remi declares that she isn't leaving until the Waldo case is resolved.  

When the tax collector gets angrier and states that he isn't fooling around, Blyke shoots an energy beam at his legs to the man's shock. Isen flips the bird at him from above, stating that he better stay down this time. Remi ensures that the blue-haired women's ok from being strangled before asking Quinton yet again, "Where's Waldo?" Quinton replies that he can not disclose that information as Waldo forces people to do his bidding by threatening to kill off family members.  

Quinton begs to be released and states that he has been separated from his wife for weeks. Remi activates her ability in shock, thinking to herself that it was cruel of Waldo to do that. Isen and Blyke express their surprise over how one guy took over a whole town after getting a power boost, prompting them to wonder how strong Waldo has gotten and how he attained that power. Quinton tells Remi that she's just stressing everyone out and wishes that she would leave so he can ensure his wife's safety. Remi tells Quinton to grow a pair and fight back but he says that Remi will get beaten like everyone else who has defied Waldo. Remi refuses to yield and says she will not lose to Waldo, regardless of how strong he is because his actions are immoral. 

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