My name is X-Rei.
I'm a Superhero!

- Remi

This is the 96th episode of unORDINARY.


Remi suits up and then calls Blyke and Isen, who say that they are in position as Remi goes out on patrol.

Walking around the deserted district, Remi comes across a woman looking out a window. When she tries to get her attention, the woman tells her to leave her alone before closing her curtains.

Remi tells her friends that no one wants to talk to her when Isen notices someone on her next left. She arrives to find a man banging on a door demanding that the resident pays the fee in order to live in the area. Just as the man breaks down the door and threatens the woman inside, Remi incapacitates him with her powers, then introduces herself as the superhero X-Rei, while Isen complains about it not being cool enough.

The woman that Remi rescued tells her that she had known Waldo since they worked in the same building, but that one day, his boss fired him for slacking off on his work. After that, he had disappeared for months, and then, just recently, he showed up back at the office and beat his old boss in front of everyone. Waldo didn't just look different, though: the woman swears his ability was somehow amplified, and now he had taken control of the entire town and imposed a weekly fee on the residents.

Remi asks why the authorities have not stepped in and dealt with Waldo. The woman deduces that Remi comes from a nicer part of the city, and that Branish is merely a cluster of low-tiers the authorities would not waste their time with, with Blyke calling it messed up. As the woman tries to cheer Remi up after seeing how sullen she is, Isen notices four more people headed towards the house and warns Remi. Remi then tells the woman not to worry, as she will deal with them and return Branish to the way it used to be.

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