This is the 95th episode of unORDINARY.


Isen is exasperated that the "costume" Blyke made was just a sweatshirt with masking tape on it. The two start arguing over the costume, though Remi offers to go try it on.

While she's trying out the costume, Blyke and Isen note that neither got much sleep due to Remi's idea to become a superhero. Isen then shows Blyke the costume worn by X-Static, with Blyke insisting that he did what he could while Isen says she was just being nice.

Remi then returns with the costume, having added a sockhat and surgical mask, leading the boys to think that she looks terrible, while Remi says it needs more personality and draws a cat face on the mask.

The three then look at their laptops for any crimes that they can stop, with Isen coming up with a man named Waldo who's been causing trouble in the Branish District. They decide that, since Branish is far away, no one will recognize them and they can get their name out. As they ask Blyke for his opinion, they realize he's fallen asleep and decide to draw on his face with a sharpie marker. After waking up and explaining everything, Remi then says that they will head to Branish that day, since the longer they wait, the more people will be hurt.

On the subway, Remi thinks about they all agreed that their goal is to get EMBER's attention, and that since superheroes have operated alone, they can use that to their advantage since they work as a group Remi will go into Branish on her own while Blyke and Isen travel seperately In their own sub, Blyke notices that people keep looking at him, and Isen nonchalantly tells him they drew on his face, much to his frustration as he tries to wipe it off. At that moment, their train arrives at Branish, with the pair noting how it is compeletly deserted and wondering if Remi has made it yet.

Elsewhere, Remi enters the Branish District on her own and finds it completely deserted, making her wonder where is everyone.

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