I'm gonna become a Superhero.

- Remi

This is the 94th episode of unORDINARY.


The three continue looking at Remi's research and sites where and when all the victims were attacked, with Isen noticing that Seraphina and Arlo's pictures are on there as well. Remi explains that Seraphina had told her earlier that morning that she had been ambushed by an unknown group, while Arlo refuses to talk about his injuries. Isen mentally notes that Arlo's injuries were caused by John before getting the idea to use the picture of him in an article.

Remi then pulls out a folder containing all articles related to superheroes and EMBER and has Blyke and Isen go through it and revealing how superheroes were, initially, popular and supported by the public. Once the connection between the heroes and Unordinary was revealed and the appearance of EMBER, the public turned against them.

As Remi notes, though, given the respect that high and elite-tiers get in society, the authorities should be making a stronger effort to solve their murders. None of them have been resolved, though, while nothing is known about EMBER. Remi then explains that after her brother's murder, the authorities had said that they would find and apprehend the killers, yet never informed her of anything updates and even turned her away from the police station. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and started investigating EMBER herself. But since she can't find out anything out about them, she decides to make them come to her: she will become a superhero herself.

As they walk back to their rooms, Isen begins freaking out over everything he has heard as Blyke tries to calm him down. When Blyke says that he may even help her, Isen says that this is nothing like Turf Wars, but life and death, and that they should make Remi stop. Blyke snaps and says that all he has been trying to do is get her to stop, but nothing he does gets through to her, so the three of them will have a better chance at success instead of just her going alone. Blyke then asks Isen if he is in or out, with Isen calling them both hopeless.

The next morning, Blyke and Isen show up at Remi's room, handing her a bag with clothes inside, with Blyke saying that if she wants to be a superhero, she's going to have to do it right.

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