This is the 92nd episode of unORDINARY.


John was walking along the hallway when he overheard the students talking about how they saw Seraphina with a broken arm and a sprained ankle, limping towards the infirmary, not even rewinding her own injuries. Shock of the news, he headed straight towards the infirmary.

At the infirmary, Seraphina, who was nonchalant about her injuries, asks Remi what's wrong as she seems to be thinking hard. She replies that she thinks it's weird that Seraphina so calm, and isn't taking any worry. Seraphina asks why should she. Remi then proceeds to tell her it's troubling because she's the second Royal in Wellston to get hurt. Seraphina seems surprised and asks who else besides her got hurt. She replies that when she was gone, Arlo had gotten hurt. Shocked, Seraphina bombs Remi with a series of questions containing "What? How? Who? Nobody can touch him." Remi replies by saying that she already asked him, but he had been keeping her in the dark. She then says that she should know what's going on with all of them getting hurt because she is also a Royal and she has a right to know. She says she thinks that both her and Arlo were the victims of the same person but was cut short when Seraphina said that wasn't likely. If that was the case she says that Arlo would have lost his ability as well. Remi, stunned, asks worriedly what she means by "lost his ability". Seraphina explains that, long story short, a group of mid-tiers snuck up on her while she wasn't looking and injected her with some sort of drug. When she didn't go down right away, they stabbed her. She hadn't been able to use her ability since. After, Remi has a flash back of a news report of a murder of a vigilante named X-Static. Knife wounds and Ability loss, probably hit a trigger in her head of EMBER. Seraphina continues that she had been waiting for her ability to come back. Astounded, Remi yells and asks how she could remain so calm even after her ability is lost. Seraphina says it's temporary, but Remi fires back by saying what if it is not? Seraphina doesn't want to think about that possibility, and Remi asks why she isn't curious about the people who attacked her. Who were they? Why did they come after Seraphina? Seraphina says that she just got back from the interrogation and doesn't want to go through it all again. Remi apologizes, bows, and wishes her a speedy recovery, and then leaves. In the hallway, she wonders if the people who attacked Seraphina were EMBER. John, who was making his way to the infirmary bumps into Remi. She apologizes, but he keeps on walking.

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