The moment I recover...
I'll make you pay for what you did!

- Seraphina on Arlo.

This is the 88th episode of unORDINARY.


Continuing the last chapter, Sera continues her confrontation with John about why he called Arlo and what happened between them. John explained the basic situation, that Arlo pretended to be his friend and backstabbed him by having two lower tiers to beat him, and that he only called Arlo since he was the only one he knew to help. Sera is angry and thinks about how she will make him pay. Doc calls out Sera for test results, then the scene transitions to Arlo. In a flashback with a talk between him and Remi, she reveals Rei is dead, which angers Arlo, but he only complains about his rematch. Arlo thinks over about how Rei died since he is able to pierce his barrier time to time again, even stating "You couldn't kill him even if he let you". Arlo then remembers EMBER and thinks that perhaps Rei died to them. John bumps into him, and tells him to meet him on the roof in 15 minutes.

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Notes & Trivia

  • During the flashback sequence with Remi and Arlo, the pink bow Remi was wearing is miscoloured blue in a single panel.

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