Who said you could start a fight in front of my room?

- Blyke.

This is the 86th episode of unORDINARY.


As Blyke brushes his teeth in the morning, he again complains about John taking a long time in the bathroom. He has to hurry to get to school. As he comes out of his room, he sees John and two cronies of Zeke's in the hallway and is visibly annoyed. Zeke’s two underlings harass John and tell him that they were sent by Zeke. Blyke is angry and shoots an Energy Beam towards the three. John dodges it, but it cuts the face of one of Zeke’s cronies. Blyke scolds all of them for making a ruckus.

The next scene shows Blake and John walking to school. Blyke is annoyed at John for seemingly following him even though they were both going in the same direction. Blyke spots Isen and runs to meet him. 

Isen reveals that he had been avoiding Blyke (presumably to avoid talking about John) by not answering his calls and taking a detour. Blyke tells Isen what happened with John. Isen thinks that Zeke “still thinks he owns the place”.

Meanwhile, the green-haired unnamed reporter throw a rock at Seraphina, determined to investigate further while Seraphina worries about when her ability will return. The sharp rock hits her squarely in the head and the people around her are surprised to see her bleeding because her ability should have healed it by then.

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