It's that hilarious to you people.

- John to Isen.

This is the 84th episode of unORDINARY.


Isen and Blyke is walking around at the outdoor of the boys' dormitory area while discussing about Remi's current weird behaviour, where she acts like she's no longer interested in EMBER. Suddenly, they notice John is lying unconscious on the cement floor in public. Isen rushes towards John's place in his first instinct while Blyke still in disbelief and unconcerned. After Isen finished checking John's condition briefly, he is quite puzzled why such incident happened to John when Seraphina is back now, and worries that John might not be able to hold himself in addition of what Arlo did to him in the past. Then, he asks Blyke to help him carry John back to his dorm room.

John awakes to find himself lying in his dorm bed and notices two unwelcomed guests in his room. Though Isen expresses his concern about John's condition, but John only feels the acute pain in his broken left forearm and remembers what these two had done harm to him in the past. Isen continues to offer further help to John that he can stop whoever is disturbing John. John grinds his teeth when he recalls that he accepted these similar offers made by Claire and Arlo which ended up in no good to him. So John blurts out with the question of demanding clarification on Isen's motive. John and Isen then have a short argument on Isen's "unintentional" discrimination attitude towards John in the past. Isen attempts to clarify his intention to help John has no strings attached but John immediately rejected the thought of helping him, which emphasis that he needs no help from anyone. John glares and tells them to get out from his room. Isen is stunned and shivers as a fear response to John while Blyke, who silently leans against the wall for some time, suddenly stomps towards John and grabs his shirt's collars asking where his manner is after they helped him. John firmly instructs Blyke to let go of his shirt. When Blyke intends to provoke John, Isen quickly pulls Blyke away from John and asks Blyke to leave the injured John alone. So they walk out.

Blyke cannot understand why Isen is so afraid of John, so he demands Isen to explain to him. Isen almost break his promise not to tell anyone about John, for he is being saved by receiving a sudden incoming call by Cecile, who asks Isen to meet her right now. Isen thought he hardly escaped from being asked about John by Blyke, but who knows - Cecile is asking him the same topic again when he meets her.

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