Who are you to tell me what i can and can't do?

- Arlo to Cecile.

This is the 82nd episode of unORDINARY.


Cecile was listening to an audio recording and reading over a packet, (most likely written and recoded by Terrence) it was about the conversation between Elaine and Arlo about John being the one who beat Arlo up at the Turf Wars field, she comments that Terrence has "out done himself" and she wishes to publish it but can't because Arlo had demanded to see every article about the royals. Juni enters the room and shows her a sketch of Seraphina blocking an attack with her arms, both of her commenting on how she normally can evade any attack, but Cecile refuses to look deeper because Arlo is breathing down her neck about royal articles and she doesn't want the paper to lose its credibility if it turns out to be fake news. She dismisses Juni and looks over the packet again, thinking hard.

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