If I catch any of you overstepping your boundaries again... You'll have to answer to me

- Arlo.

This is the 81st episode of unORDINARY.


Seraphina stops while walking through the hall to deal with a bully. She tells the person being bullied to go to class and the bully, Brea, to "Don't waste other peoples time" She starts to walk away. Brea can hear all the ridiculing talk from the people around her and gets mad that Seraphina took the weaklings side. It gets to the point where the Brea turns and throws a blast at Seraphina. Seraphina doesn't turn around in time to dodge the block and with her lack of power can't menu-ever herself out of the way like usual. Arlo steps in stopping the blast by shielding Seraphina with his Barrier. He deals with the problem and then leaves to talk to Seraphina.

He tells Seraphina that she was being too risky. In response, Seraphina brushes him off and tell him that she knows there was something he was getting out of saving her. It is then revealed that John threatened Arlo.

Later when she walks out of the school and looks at her Mobile seeing several missed calls from Fyora. She scrolls down to see that John had called Arlo after calling Elaine. This doesn't match up and she starts to catch on to what's happening.

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