Bro, you have no idea...

- Isen

This is the 80th episode of unORDINARY.


The next day begins, and Blyke wakes up to find John in the bathroom gelling his hair, forgetting that he moved in. When he gets ready, he goes outside and talks to Isen about his problems with John moving in, but Blyke gets suspicious about Isen looking for information about John. Then Isen spits milk in Blyke's face under pressure, the Blyke starts chasing Isen. Elswhere, on the roof, John is having a chat with Seraphina about his new roomate. Seraphina thinks it's okay, but John doesn't like it. Then Seraphina told John that she was the person who gave Blyke the title of Jack instead of Cecile, and how Blyke was more open so he could be trusted more. Later on that day, Seraphina was walking in the hallways, when she saw someone bullying a low-tier, stepping on her hand and slapping her, which make Seraphina mad. The next moment, when the bully was about to slap the victim again, Seraphina grabbed the bully's hand and stopped her.

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