So what if people find out?

- Seraphina.

This is the 77th episode of unORDINARY.


In a bright sunny day, Sera has finally returned from school with a grand entrance. Shocked all the students were, they couldn't help but talk of her long period of suspension, which can visibly seen even by the newspapers.

Sera nonchalantly walks to the hallway, from their Isen and Blyke could be seen as well. Isen and Blkye both comments proudly of Sera and how glad they were that she was back. In Isen part, Sera's return would mean that he wouldn't be worried of John anymore, as under her watch the hierarchy would be safe.

It then shows Principal Vaughn drinking his morning coffee which is interrupted by a knock on the door by John. John introduces himself and Principal Vaughn happily accepts his entrance allowing him to come in and take a seat. John refuses to take a seat and gets straight to the point on the notice sent by Vaughn to him. John politely refuses to him to not move him in the campus, but Vaugh refuses as it is non-negotiable. Vaugh proceeds to tell John to prepare his belongings, mentioning Keene who will be helping him move in. John still refuses, but Vaugh mentions of recent events which occurred on Friday, namely the assailants, and the danger it poses to the well being of the students. John mentions an alternative solution, which is to live in a different housing complex but, despite John's protests, Vaugh refuses and that decision is final. John leaves the room displeased with his answer.

At the rooftop, Sera tried to play with her broken phone but fails. John happily walks in greeting Sera while bringing his snacks and asks how her day's been. Sera thinks everyone will eventually figure out she had lost her ability, but John disproves of that, because all she had to do was not confront anyone. Sera doesn't feel that it's right to change her schedule just because of that, but John disproves of that notion, because she can always do her stuff later on when the attention on her dies down. Sera doesn't give an ounce of care even if people find out, as she could not imagine the worst things happening to her.

John tells Sera, that people can be extremely cruel to people at their weakest moment, especially high tiers who had lost their abilities. Sera however, was oblivious and did not hear John. John just tells Sera, that it's important to keep it a secret. Sera feels like John became different, like he had become colder and more distant. Due to John's constant concerns, Sera decides to accept John's advice.

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