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This is the 76th episode of unORDINARY.


John is calling Doctor Darren and he picks up. He hangs up after hearing who it is, to the amusement of Arlo. John calls him again and this time Doctor Darren yells about calling early on a Saturday. He's about to hang up again, but John begins to explain that Seraphina is in trouble. After a brief yelling fit from Doc, John confirms that they can bring Sera to the infirmary.

After John and Seraphina arrive at the infirmary, Doc runs a few exams on his first-time patient. He finds nothing out of the ordinary, save for the mystery drug that suppressed her ability. Darren explains that he'll need to run more thorough tests on her blood. He assures the two that drugs typically run their course in about four days, and tells Seraphina to return if her ability is still gone by then. After learning that Arlo and Elaine are informing Headmaster Vaughn of the situation, Darren warns John and Seraphina to keep this development a secret from the rest of the school. Looking at John, he says he doesn't need opportunistic students adding to his long list of work-related problems. John apologizes for calling Darren out on the weekend, but the doctor only grumbles about the life choices he's come to regret. As John and Seraphina leave, they discuss the bizarre situation they've found themselves in. John assures his best friend that, as a "life-long cripple," he can guide Seraphina through what will certainly be a brief peroid of powerlessness. Seraphina agrees, certain that her powers will return soon enough.

Meanwhile, Arlo and Elaine have just finishined informing the headmaster of everything that transpired the day before. Vaughn thanks the two and begins planning on how to deal with this turn of events, starting with informing Keene. He dismisses Arlo and Elaine after they tell him that there's nothing else significant to share. As they leave, Elaine nudges Arlo. She admits that she's worried about the Van Killers being able to outmaneuver and escape the three strongest students at Wellston. She can't help but wonder what else that group is capable of, but Arlo tells her that Vaughn and Keene will take care of things. Elaine also talks about how unbelivable it is that John turned out to be such a high-ranked powerhouse. Arlo tells her not to worry about that either, explaining that the only thing that's changed about the John issue is that they're now better-informed. Arlo makes plans to rest, and tells Elaine to do the same after spending some much energy healing everyone. Elaine does so, confident that everything will soon go back to normal.

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  • This was the final episode released in 2017 and the mid-season finalΓ© of Season 1 of unORDINARY.

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