And yet another self-proclaimed "Superhero" falls victim to the consequences of everyday society...

- Seraphina on the death of the vigilante X-Static

This is the 6th episode of unORDINARY.


Doctor Darren returns to the infirmary, dragging Blyke and Isen behind him, and yells at them for causing such a racket. When they start to argue again, he bashes their heads together and explains the consequences of their actions. In the middle of his lecture, Gavin reaches the infirmary and Doctor Darren realizes that John and Seraphina have already left.

At Woaba Boba, John tells Seraphina about his fight with Gavin. When Seraphina unwittingly makes an insensitive comment, they start to argue about high-tiers. Meanwhile, a news programme about EMBER's most recent murder, of the vigilante X-Static, comes on television.

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  • This is Keene's first mention; however, his first appearance isn't until Chapter 41.

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