Why is it that when I finally get what I want...
All of it turns out to be FAKE?

- John

This is the 54th episode of unORDINARY.


John is pinned down by Arlo's male underling, who bashes his head against the ground. Arlo mockingly introduces his underlings as Ventus and Meili and says he believes they've met before. When John asks how Arlo knows that they broke his phone, Arlo proceeds to say how all the meetings they have had, Seraphina's suspension, and even the breaking of John's phone were orchestrated by him.

In pain and misery, John remembers about all this times, including at his previous school, that he tried to be normal and ordinary, yet failed, and comes to the conclusion that he is not the 'Monster' Claire called him - everyone else is. Arlo laughs at John's silence and tells Meili to hit him.

However, before she can strike John screams out Arlo's name and creates a vortex of black energy that throws back both Ventus and Meili, although not Arlo. John stands to his full height and calls Arlo a 'son of b*tch' as the vortex slowly dies down. Arlo just smiles, as if ready for the fight

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Notes & Trivia

  • This chapter marks the first time John's ability is seen being used.
  • This is the second chapter, after Chapter 15, to use the Previously on UnOrdinary recap section before the chapter itself.

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