I never want to go back to that time again!

- John

This is the 47th episode of unOrdinary.


While walking through the school corridor, John is lost in the thoughts of his fall from grace at New Bostin High and bumps into Arlo yet again, as they are turning around a corner. As John struggles to pick his papers off the floor, Arlo watches, annoyed by the pathetic way John's presents himself despite being a high-tier. Arlo gives him his binder and to repay the deed, John takes him to Woaba Boba after school.

At Woaba Boba, Arlo stubbornly refuses to try boba tea, instead ordering a coffee, sparking a short argument between him and John and confusing the waitress, Aria. In the end, Arlo gets Aria to put the coffee on a separate tab, much to John's annoyance.

On television, the Newscaster is talking about NXGen Research Facility and how their work on a top secret government project was put on hold two months ago after the research data and equipment was damaged and destroyed.

Watching Arlo insistently drinking his large coffee, John comments that Arlo's unwillingness to try new things reminds him of Seraphina when they first met. Arlo is surprised that John calls her "Sera" and asks how they got so close, to which John summarises the events of their literature analysis project.

Then Arlo asks about how John learned to defend himself against mid-tiers. John responds that he learnt from his father, supposedly a powerless individual who wanted to prevent his son from having to endure the bullying he personally went through as a child. When John says how much he respects his father, he also asks Arlo who he looks up to. After a few moments of hesitation, Arlo talks about Rei, his predecessor, and wonders which of them would be stronger if Rei was still alive. Afterwards, Arlo tries to leave, but John shouts after him to take his mango boba tea.

Meanwhile, at Seraphina's house, Seraphina is still studying. Suddenly, she crushes a page and throws her book across the room in frustration. However, her maid was watching her and tells her to pick up her book and continue studying, as her father is displeased by how her job application was rejected by NXGen Research Facility.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Arlo is surprised that John calls Seraphina "Sera", implying that either only people very close with her call her that or that no one has ever called her by a nickname before.
  • W.H. Doe is supposedly also a cripple, although this could also be a lie.

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