Someone like you... Will never be more than a leech who feeds off others.

- Tanner to John

This is the 30th episode of unOrdinary.


At the infirmary, John is impressed that by how quickly his injuries have healed and praises Doctor Darren's healing skills. In response, Dr. Darren says it's because he has make healing tonics for John almost every day.

Later in the hall, John get cornered by other students, but get saved by Dr. Darren, who isn't have mood to work overtime due his date that night. After Dr. Darren leaves, one of the bullies tells John that he will never be more than a leech who feeds off others.

Meanwhile, Seraphina has reached her home, but is greeted with slap from her mother for becoming more reckless and less "perfect". Seraphina's Mother leaves for a business meeting after instructing Seraphina to remove her extensions.

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  • This episode reveals that Seraphina has a sister.
  • This is the last episode of 2016.

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