The world doesn't have sympathy for weaklings like you

- Gavin to John


Gavin, now "powered-up", attacks John with increased speed, strength, and durability. However, John realizes that Gavin's power is simply a flashy self-enhancement and beats him by tricking him into being thrown out a window. Due to his injuries, however, John is forced to go to the infirmary for treatment.

Meanwhile, Seraphina, alone on the school roof, receives a message on her phone.

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Invisible Student

The student turning invisible.

  • The name of the hall Blyke and Isen were seen in is Wallik Hall.
  • In the third last panel, Seraphina can be seen with a plate of the Triple Chocolate Cake mentioned in Chapter 1, hinting at her powerful status.
  • If the panel is closely examined, John's eyes glow just as he throws Gavin out of the window, hinting that he could possibly be an ability user.
  • Although not a main element of this episode, the student John saves from Gavin appears to vanish behind him, hinting that his ability is Invisibility.

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