I looked into his hometown... And check out what I found!

- Isen

This is the 27th episode of unOrdinary.


Isen is in the school library with Blyke. He is on the New Bostin High School website, looking at class photographs, when he finds the 201X photograph of class 2-B. In it, he spots John, but from 2 years ago and with a completely different look. Excitedly, Isen stands up and shouts that he has finally found John.

Blyke tells Isen to shut up in case he gets the two of them kicked out of the library (again), but Isen ignores him and drags him over to take a look at the class photograph. Blyke is unimpressed and asks if he is stalking girls from other schools again, then if he is going after boys now when Isen tells him to look at John.

However, Blyke asks Isen why he should care (he barely can recall who John is), but Isen remembers that Arlo warned him not to tell anyone about it like he did with the incident of Seraphina attacking him up, and has an fearful image of Arlo killing him with a fork and a barrier.

After telling Blyke it's none of his business and pushing him away, Blyke gets annoyed and shouts at him. Shortly after, the librarian kicks them out of the library for being too noisy.

An unspecified period of time later, Isen meets Arlo in a classroom and shows him his findings; first, the observations he made from stalking John for several days, then the interviews with other students and staff, the interview with John himself, and finally, the New Bostin High School Class 2-B photograph.

Isen gives Arlo an assessment of John's hypocritical behaviour from all the information he has collected over the days and finishes by remarking that if John wasn't supposedly a cripple, he would think he had an ability (probably a very strong one). Isen tells Arlo that with a few more days of searching, he can find everything about John and his past, but is interrupted by Arlo ripping the photograph of John and telling Isen that he will take over the investigation.

In her dormitory, Elaine receives a message from Arlo.

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  • Blyke is playing Tetris on his computer in the library.
  • The mysterious green-haired girl from John's flashbacks is standing next to him in the class photograph.
    • The blonde boy from John's flashbacks is also standing next to him in the class photograph.


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