I don't think I can give that book back to you

- Seraphina to John

This is the 22nd episode of unORDINARY.


Elaine finds Unordinary in Seraphina's room and researches it on the Internet. Fearful that Seraphina will become a vigilante, she contacts Arlo for help.

At school, John meets Seraphina on the roof. He moans that the report cards are about to come out soon, but she advises him not to worry. However, she is soon the one worrying when John discovers Elaine found Unordinary. He scolds her for being careless, but she tells him not to worry, as she is Wellston's Ace.

John then asks Seraphina what she thinks about the book. He is a bit offended when she tells him she thinks the premise is absurd, but cheers up when she asks him to explain it to her and apologises for letting Elaine find it.

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  • Seraphina is revealed to be Wellston's Ace. It is unknown if this is an official position in Turf Wars or simply an unofficial term for Seraphina's position as the strongest person in Wellston.


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