This is the 205th chapter of unORDINARY.


Arlo is sitting in the library, contemplating what Valerie told him. He sits there wondering whether he was really letting himself get distracted, which distracts him from keeping track of the time and his scheduled shift at Safe House.

With her class let out early, Remi wastes no time in rushing over to Safe House in order to take over from Arlo. When she arrives, she's shocked to see that Arlo is nowhere to be seen. And with nobody overseeing the other members, a fight was already underway. A boy objects to the presence of a girl in the room, who takes offense to his opinion. Remi steps in and demands to know what is going on. The boy explains that the girl punched him the week before for no reason, thereby making her a threat to the other members. The girl responds that this was not reason enough to kick her out of the club, an decision she points out he had no authority to make. After hearing of this conflict, Remi tells them to settle down so she can give a speech to the whole club. She told them that they shouldn't let their differences get in the way of working together to ensure the success of Safe House. Since there was little chance of all members liking each other, they all had to give a little. Everybody had a chance to be a part of this project, and the least they could do was respect each other's space. The boy says that's all well and good, but what recourse did he have if the girl who punched him decided to target him again after they've both stepping out of the room? The girl was incensed by this question, but Remi sighs and answers. She was giving everybody the benefit of the doubt that they joined the club in the first place because they were sick and tired of the violence throughout the school. If they went about attacking others outside of the room, they were contributing to the very environment they were trying to avoid. With this line of reasoning, the girl stopped arguing.

Arlo was walking through the halls when Remi calls him out and kicks him in the calf again. She demands to know why he wasn't at Safe House keeping things peaceful like he was supposed to be. After a quick apology for letting it slip his mind, which Remi didn't believe was possible. Arlo asked Remi whether she wouldn't rather focus on herself instead of putting all this effort into her club. She answers that she firmly believes that if she wants to do this, then she doesn't see it as a waste of her time. Remi then mentions that this is quite the mood shift for Arlo after he was ready to help out however he could. She asks whether his conversation with his aunt had anything to do with his change of heart. Arlo defensively says that it was all his own decision, and asks what Remi had against his aunt for her to be wary like this. Remi still hasn't dismissed the possibility that Valerie was Volcan, nor that the criminal had killed Rei. However, she chooses not to confide her fears to Arlo, and tells him that he was free to do as he wished. She then states that she'll look for someone to take over his shifts, which he states is the best course of action. They part on bad terms.

Terrence sits in his dorm, looking over a document of his laptop. It contains a list of Wellston High's most prominent students, along with details of their abilities, personalities, and eligibility for recruitment. Suddenly, a private number calls Terrence's phone. He answers, and is addressed as "Wellston" by the caller. Terrence is given a new assignment: keep a close eye on Target 93, and deliver a message. Terrence hears the message and confirms he'll follow orders.== Appearing Characters == Characters in bold & italics denote the characters who are making their first appearance.
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