Lat night I had a vision. The two of us teamed up and dethroned John.

- Claire tells a lie

This is the 184th chapter of unORDINARY.


Claire then told Seraphina of how her visions of John started to get worse every time. She was unable to block them out. She no longer shared what she saw with John, but that made no difference. John had started to discover the secrets of his Aura Manipulation all on his own. While hanging out one day, John told Claire of how he went to Turf Wars and was able to sense everybody's auras simultaneously without the need to activate his ability. He wondered whether he had leveled up to the point where he could copy multiple abilities as well. Claire merely stated that it might be true.

One day, John extended an invitation to Clare and Adrion to come and observe one of his Turf Wars matches. They asked whether that was even allowed, but John merely replied that as King, he pretty much decided what the rules were. While Claire thought it might be an interesting spectacle, it turned out to be a ploy. John's true intention was to have the two of them substitute as Jack and Queen. He had gone behind the backs of New Bostin's other Royals in order to fight and gain all battle experience for himself. The number of abilities John was able to retain began to increase, as did the brutality he exercised. His substitutes didn't fight, but watching John mercilessly tear through his opponents wasn't much better.

Claire tried confronting John once more over his actions, but he didn't seem any more receptive than before. While he thought she was overreacting, he promised to try and go easier on his opponents. Appeased, Claire asked if John wanted to stop for drinks before heading to the match that day, which he agreed to. Claire soon found out that John was no promise keeper. Once again he was beating his opponents long past the point of their defeat. It became to much to behold, so Adrion attempted to push John off of his opponent. Adrion pleaded for for John to stop going overboard, but got punched to the ground for his efforts. John angrily told them that it was them or him in Turf Wars, and that nobody had any right to stop him. Claire's attempt to talk John down had the same results, and John accused them of betrayal. When Claire demanded to know why he didn't stop when they were already down, John answered that none of his old tormentors ever granted him the same courtesy. He ignored all accusations of hypocrisy, and Claire realized that nothing would convince him to abandon his never ending quest for strength.

Soon after this incident, Claire began actively avoiding John. He showed his appreciation for all her help by replacing her almost immediately, but it wasn't long before everybody started trying to stay away from him. He began sending students to the infirmary for the slightest offenses. Not even the teachers were able to handle him easily. But despite everything, the principal never penalized him. John's reputation won much prestige for the school, meaning that even the school's administration couldn't touch him. Claire's past association with John made her a pariah. She became the target of everybody's scorn, and she knew she deserved it. Just as she was at a loss on how to stop the monster she created, Claire had what would be her final vision of John. He was being confronted by numerous students he had terrorized, including herself and Zirian. She realized this might be her last chance to get through to John.

The first thing Claire did the next day upon arriving at school was seek out the King-turned-Jack. She was so absorbed in her search that she didn't realize Adrion calling out to her. When she finally found Zirian, he took her proposal to team up and take down John as an attempted prank. After all, she was the one who helped John dethrone him in the first place. Zirian demanded she give her a reason why he shouldn't tear her apart right then and there. Claire knew Zirian was never one to listen to reason from a low-tier, even before losing his title, but Claire was desperate to convince him, so she resorted to lying. By claiming that she was merely "using" John to rise up the ranks and that she and both she and Zirian were seen in a vision dethroning John, Claire managed to convince the dethroned King to ally with her. However, unbeknownst to either of them, Adrion had heard the entire conversation.

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