He didn't care about us anymore. Aside from strength and ranking... Nothing else mattered to John

- Claire


While on their way to school, John tells Claire that he wants to become a Royal. When Claire asks why he's suddenly taken an interest in advancing in rank, he explains that making those who picked on them follow their orders would be the ultimate payback. Claire points out that his current reputation is already enough to ensure people don't cross him. John admits that he also wants to participate in Turf Wars and get stronger at a faster rate. He tells Claire that he can't do it without her and her visions. Claire wearily reminds him that she's doing her best with her ability.

John's ascension was impeded by a considerable obstacle: Zirian, the King of New Bostin High School. John challenged him for his rank and lost, to the cheers of most of the onlookers. Zirian had heard of John's training methods, as well as his recent past as a cripple. He sees through John's act of a rank-advancing individual and realizes that John just wanted to terrorize students for his own satisfaction. John denies this, though the King is unconvinced. Unimpressed by the young upstart, Zirian calls John a brat and a weakling, and vows that he'll never seize the throne as long as he's around. John furiously swears that he'll one day beat Zirian into the ground. Claire is barely able to calm John down before his temper makes things worse.

Claire recalls that John hated losing in general, but he took his loss to Zirian especially hard. He only became more frustrated and impatient as time went on and was never satisfied with his current level of strength. During summer break after his first year, Claire had made a breakthrough. Due to the nature of Aura Manipulation John could manipulate the natrual flow of Aura within his body and intensify any ability he copies. After a test run against Adrion, John had the power to amplify even weaker abilities, and upon returning to New Bostin High School on his second year, John managed to overthrow the former King of New Bostin and take his place.

Now at the top of the hierachy of New Bostin High School, John would soon learn that his new rank came with its own set of grievances. Wherever he went, he was watched and judged; some even refused to accept him as King and opted to follow the overthrown Zirian instead. Because of these grievances John was very irritable and prone to lashing out, and his violent attempts to silence the gossip and rumours only worsened them. This vicious cycle of rumours and brutality culminated into a warped personality of a King who demanded total respect and obedience. Even his closest friend, Claire, could not escape John's wrath, and when she tried to stop John from beating up a helpless student, he simply pushed her aside, refusing to listen to Claire.

Claire would later ask John for an apology, but as King, John believed that he was above listening to Claire and showed no remose for his actions. Despite further tarnishing his friendship with Claire, John did no care; all that mattered to him was his rank and power.

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