I realized for the first time... We had become just like them.

- Claire


After Claire, John, and Adrion graduated from New Bostin Middle School, Claire's visions of John's ability became more frequent. Every time she would receive a vision of John's ability, she would tell John about her visions and discuss it with him. During one of their discussions, Claire revealed that in her vision, she saw John using a whole variety of abilities, which got John excited at the prospect of his newfound powers. However, neither of them were fully aware of the properties of John's abilities, and John admitted that his battle against Oliver was the first time he got his ability to work after numerous failed attempts. Upon realizing that John's ability potentially had to do with imitation, Claire and John needed to find ways to confirm this theory; thankfully, John was able to test his ability against Adrion, and in less than a week, John had successfully copied Adrion's ability.

John and Claire spent their summer break gaining more insight about abilities and pulled from various sources such as books, televised records of professional tournaments, and Claire's visions. Once Claire, John, and Adrion began to attend New Bostin High School, the more aggressive environment of the high school made it the perfect environment for John to gain firsthand knowledge about various abilities. John took on every challenge he possibly could to gain more insight, and despite losing battles constantly, his main objective was to observe and improve his technique with various abilities. Over time, John managed to score his first victory.

According to Claire, John was a naturally gifted individual and thanks to Claire's visions providing more insight on Aura Manipulation, John's ability level grew at a rapid rate. By the time his first year of high school came to a close, John rarely lost a battle, and his heightened understanding of abilities allowed him to copy abilities with ease. Initially, Claire was proud to see her once cripple friend turn into one of the strongest students in the school, but John's newfound powers would change him for the worse. During a tussle between John and Oliver, John had easily defeated the bully, but Oliver contiuned to use his scathing words to get under John's skin, claiming that John is nothing but a fraud and a cripple. Oliver's insults further enraged John and caused him to violently lash out against the bully, and Claire realized that both she and John were becoming just like the bullies that once plagued them. Despite John getting reprimanded by the faculty for "going to far," John showed not an ounce of regret for his actions and wanted to continue to hone his ability. Claire began to see that John was going on a downward spiral.

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