John had alot of trouble coming to terms with reality.

- Claire


Continuing her recollection of her middle school years, Claire recalled to Seraphina how she, John, and Adrion were once friends during middle school, and despite occasional run-ins against bullies, Claire and Adrion found contentment with their lives. However, unlike Claire or Adrion, John would often be angry and frustrated with the hierarchy imposed by society and his position as a cripple; according to Claire, John "had alot of trouble coming to terms with reality."

During her final year of middle school, Claire had her first vision of John and witnessed him using a "ray-like" ability; she immediately went to John's house to tell him the good news (and interrupted John's attempt at making a house of cards). However, despite Claire's good news, John initially dismissed Claire's claims as a joke, but deep down, he wanted Claire's vision to be true. John would often sneak out and attempt to "activate" his ability with no success whatsoever. Claire would comment that John always wanted to be stronger in order to win his battles and having his own ability would have been a dream come true.

Claire's vision would eventually come into fruition when John, Claire, and Adrion ran into some bullies. With Adrion and Claire already defeated, John refused to stay down and attempted to continue fighting against the bully. Just as the bully was about to blast John's face with a "ray-like" ability, John raised his own hand and fired a ray from his own hand. That day, John's ability finally manifested, and while he lost the battle, John was overjoyed to finally have an ability he can call his own. However, having an ability would change John for the worst in times to come.

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