Even now...What I regret most is helping John discover his ability.

- Claire


Seraphina introduces herself to Claire over the phone and tells her she has questions. Claire thinks Seraphina is a telemarketer at first, and tells her she's not interested in any surveys before hanging up. Seraphina calls her again and manages to tell her that her questions are about John. Taken aback by the mention of that name, Claire tells Seraphina that, regardless of how she managed to get her contact information, she wanted nothing to do with John anymore. She tells Seraphina that John had transferred to some snobby prep-school in Wellston, and advised her to seek help from students there. Seraphina explained that she was a student from Wellston, on top of being John's classmate. She adds that Claire nay be the only one who can help with the situation at Wellston. She relates the story of how John called her "Claire" during an argument, and that it led to their ongoing phone call. Claire assumed that Seraphina was John's girlfriend, and tries to end the conversation by giving Seraphina her blessing to pursue him to her heart's content.

Seraphina clarifies that John's past with Claire at New Bostin is haunting him, and that it's made him extremely aggressive. Understanding the implications, Claire asks whether there was any student in such a powerful school who was able to stop him. After learning there wasn't, Claire expresses disappointment that John didn't learn his lesson after being taken in by the authorities. This tidbit information is news to Seraphina, who requests Claire to elaborate. Claire reveals herself to be the one who rallied her classmates against John after it became clear that he couldn't be reasoned with. Seraphina informs Claire that John is repeating history at Wellston. At this bad news, Claire expresses immense regret for helping John discover his ability in the first place. In order to share the full story, they arrange to see each other in a video chat.

Claire recounts that she first met John on their first day of Middle School. She had been beaten up earlier that fateful day, and came across John suffering the same treatment at the hands of three bullies. Claire heard them mock John for being a cripple, and approached him after the bullies had left. After she helped him up, they introduced themselves to each other.

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