So word on the street're Joker

- Kalum


With the publication of Isen's story revealing Joker's true identity, John noticed that his presence garnered some attention from the student body. Some students found it difficult to believe that the supposed cripple was the powerful Joker, while others believed that John was faking his cripple status. Regardless of what the students thought, a majority of the students exercised caution and kept their distance...except for a mid-tier named Kalum.

Kalum did not believe the recent rumours about the Joker's true identity, and decided to bully John. Like any mid-tier bully, Kalum belittled John for his powerlessness and sarcastically asked if John was truly the Joker. John's silence convinced Kalum that the news wasn't true. Thus, he continued to belittle John, escalating the situation to the point where he grabbed John by the shoulder. At this John finally responded with he demand that Kalum let go of him. Kalum instead slammed John against the lockers and dared his would-be victim to force him off, which was obliged with a solid punch to the face Offended by the audacity, Kalum used his Phantom Push to attack John. To his surprise and horror, not only did John avoid the attack, but he began to activate his ability. Realizing that the rumours of John being the Joker were true after all, Kalum found himself on the receiving end of his Phantom Push. Kalum's attempt to apologize failed, as apologies often do in the face of John's unbridled wrath. And just like Joker's past victims, Kalum was beaten long after he lost consciousness and was left in one of Wellston's hallways.

Meanwhile, in the Wellston Girls Dormitories, Seraphina decided to contact Claire.

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