But how long has EMBER'S [sic] been around for? And how much have the Authorities uncovered about them?

- Seraphina


Despite knowing full well that he would incur John's fury, Isen decides to type up a warning that would expose the Joker's identity as the supposed school cripple; the Head of Press could no longer bear to watch the lower-ranking students of Wellston emulate the Joker's violent ways.

The next day, Isen gives Seraphina a small piece of paper detailing Claire social media and her personal phone number, knowing well that his time was limited. Once Arlo entered the Press Room, Isen showed Arlo his findings on Terrence. According to his findings, Isen concluded that Terrence was not the Invisible Assailant, as Terrence was far too weak to be able to pull off some of the feats done by the Assailant such as remaining invisble even after getting hit and making others insvisible. Isen concluded that the assailant was an elite-tier, and Terrence, a mid-tier, was not the assailant.

However. Arlo and Seraphina were not fully convinced and Seraphina offered two theories. The first theory was that Terrence was simply a fanboy who idolizes the high-ranking students, and his article was simply a red herring. The second theory had far more sinsiter implications and implied that Terrence's documents were inaccurate in some way. Isen's thoughts immediately went to the Ability-Enhancing Drug distributed by Volcan and Seraphina knew of the drug's existence from Remi's "online research." However, Arlo revealed to Seraphina and Isen that he was aware of X-Rei's vigilantism, and with his secret out, Isen spilled the beans on their first (and only) encounter with Volcan and how she was distributing the drugs. Still scarred from the death of Rei from EMBER, Arlo opted to leave Volcan to The Authorities. Seraphina couldn't help but point out that for a guy who rarely takes anything at face value, Arlo seems to put a lot of blind faith in The Authorities in spite of the fact that they've made little progress in the months since EMBER first emerged.


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