So if Joker were openly running this school...would you accept him?

- Isen


Likely due to his vigilante work, Blyke found himself eating a unusually large quantity of food, an oddity was noticed by both Remi and Isen. Blyke simply told his friends that he was simply "growing." Despite ongoing efforts to curb Joker attacks, Remi claimed that the frequency of the attacks were still at an all-time high, and Isen reported that numerous students, especially mid-tiers, began to fight back against the fake Jokers. In order to lessen the attacks, Blyke managed to get Abel to "tone down his aggressiveness", and Ventus and Meili agreed to patrol the hallways during their free time. Remi managed to get Elaine on-board with the efforts against the Joker attacks while Holden appeared to be "thinking about it." However, Remi did not succeed in getting Cecile into the anti-Joker effort and upon mentioned her attempts to convince Zeke, Blyke and Isen butted in, telling Remi about Zeke's less-than-stellar personality.

While appointing more higher-ranking students against the Joker effort was progress, the core of the issue lies within the mid-tiers; due to the abilities of the higher-ranking students being much more recognizable, they are unable to take advantage of the Joker's anonymity and are far too powerful to be approached by the impostors. While Blyke and Remi continued to brainstorm more effective solutions, Isen mulled over the option of outright revealing the Joker's true identity to the school. Alas, he was still stumped by the double whammy of nobody believing the truth and the beating John would surely subject him to for crossing him. As he lay in bed that night, the thoughts about everyone's words regarding responsibility as a high-ranking student continued to plague Isen's mind, and after some restless thinking, he fell into a deep sleep. During Isen's slumber, Blyke left for more vigilante work.

The next morning, Isen witnessed a student named Gianna attacking a now-unmasked Joker, and out of fury, Gianna continued to pummel the defeated Joker. Before Gianna could continue her beatdown, Isen intervened to stop the brutal beatdown, but Gianna accused Isen and the Royals for favoring the fake Jokers over the victims. Other lower-ranking students began to side with Gianna, who continued her rant by accusing the Royals of catering to the Fake Jokers out of fear of the real one. Isen began to no longer see the point of keeping any of John's secrets, seeing as how trying to help him earned him nothing but pain. With Gianna disillusioned by the Royals, she saw no reason why she couldn't also follow Joker's example and keep attacking after the fight was won. Isen took a chance and asked her a question, "...if Joker were openly running this school...would you accept him?"

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