I'm almost certain that Terrence is connected to my ability-loss.

- Seraphina


Knowing that Terrence was affiliated with the School's Press, Seraphina and Arlo know that the current Head of Press, Isen would be able to give information on the invisible reporter. Once the two former royals entered the Press room, they had Isen use his Hunter to ensure that nobody was eavesdropping. While Isen's mind immediately assumed that he would be punished by Arlo for "doing [his] job badly," Seraphina only asked for information regarding Terrence. Isen reveals that Terrence is a second-year transfer student with a level of 2.4 and mentioned that none of Terrence's stories were particularly intriguing. However, Arlo reveals to Isen that Terrence was the one responsible for writing the article about Blyke, Remi, and Isen's mishaps at the Kovoro Mall, and Seraphina speculates that Terrence is connected to her ability loss.

Realizing the potential danger the situation presented, Isen suggested to leave the investigation to the Authorities, but Seraphina was against the idea and told Isen that despite the promises to contact Seraphina on any updates on her ability loss, the Authorities have never contacted her. Isen recalls Remi recounting a similar response from the higher-ups regarding the murder of her brother. Arlo then asked for a copy of Terrence's class schedule before leaving the press room, ordering Isen to keep him posted. Seraphina, on the other hand, remained behind. Suspecting that John calling her by the wrong name was an important clue to his past, she asked Isen if he could get her in touch with a young lady named Claire.

Isen searches up Claire on the New Bostin High School student records and discovers her level and ability. Photos from a class picnic shows that she was once close to John. Isen then managed to find Claire's social media site, recognizing her male companion from the school photos from before. However, his investigation was interrupted by Blyke's sudden entrance. Blyke was immediately tipped of by Isen's suspicious behavior that he was up to something on his laptop, and didn't buy the "doing homework excuse" from the guy who always copies off of him. In order to keep his current assignments under wraps, Isen insisted that they grab some dinner with Remi.

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