Now that it's over, I just want to move on.

- Seraphina


Unable to contain his anger, John attempted to stop Seraphina from walking away from him, but as he commanded his former friend to stop, he shouted the name "Claire" instead of Seraphina. John's fury only intensified once Arlo stepped into the room, and he realized, much like how Claire teamed up against him with New Bostin's Jack two years ago, Seraphina was now siding with Arlo, opposing him. John angrily punched Arlo in the face, but Arlo was unflinched by the blow. He attempted to talk some sense into John by reminding the out-of-control wild card that he was threatening the very person he swore to protect. However, Arlo's words were for naught as John blamed Arlo for starting this whole thing by taking away every good thing in his life, all for some reason John still didn't understand. Now that he manipulated Seraphina against him, John declared that they were both "dead to [him]" and that he never wanted to see either of them again. Once Arlo and Seraphina left the room, John was left a crying mess.

Despite John's violent reactions, Arlo knew that John needed help but was far to stubborn to listen to anyone, including his best friend Seraphina. However, Seraphina no longer saw herself as John's best friend as John's rant made her realize that he saw everyone as below him in some form or another. She wanted to move on now that she saw through John's lies. Recounting how John told her to "focus on [herself]" during his rant, Seraphina decided to personally investigate her situation and planned to start by speaking with Terrence. In a funny coincidence, Arlo was thinking the same thing as well.

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