Just tell me what's wrong! I want to help you-

- Seraphina


For the first time in days, Seraphina told John that she wished to speak with him and took him into an empty classroom to discuss certain matters. Despite John's levity, Seraphina immediately told her friend to drop the cripple schtick and admitted that she knew the Joker's identity upon witnessing his battle against the Royals. John denied Seraphina's accusations and continued lying about his identity, desperately pleading Seraphina for her to just believe his words. These pleas caused Seraphina to wonder if he was trying to convince her or himself.

Seraphina assured John that she was willing to talk about his problems, but John stubbornly continued to deny the truth until Seraphina revealed that she knew John's past. She specifically brought up his expulsion from New Bostin High School and his true rank. Upon realizing that Seraphina knew everything, the facade that John had tried so hard to build finally began to shatter before him. Unable to cope with Seraphina's revelation of his past, John began to lose his composure and demanded the identity of whoever gave Seraphina the information about his past. Seraphina admitted that she deliberately asked for the information herself, and at that moment, John began to verbally attack Seraphina for (in his eyes) "betraying" him.

The argument between the two friends continued to escalate, with Seraphina accusing John of lying and John revealing the full extent of his hatred against the school's system. With the Royals now dethroned, John no longer saw the Joker situation as his problem, but Seraphina asserted that the school's situation had only gotten worse for the lower-ranking students. John only saw Seraphina's mention of lower-ranking students as a way to flip to blame on him and reminded her that she too was now a low-ranking student. Yet, despite the arguing between the two, Seraphina mentioned how John mentioned one of Unordinary's greatest lessons was that "everyone had something to offer." Seraphina created this opening in the hopes of helping John. Unfortunately, John rejected the offer, and denounced any faith he had in the book. In his anger, John bluntly tells Seraphina that she was but a mere helpless cripple who should worry more about helping herself. With that last bridge burned, Seraphina knew that John was completely gone, and when John refused to let go of Seraphina's arm, she slapped him...

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