Wellston has gotten so unpredictable... We have to be battle-ready at all times!

- Evie


While Roland and Evie knew that they were against another Joker imposter, the attacker had managed to knock out Evie, and Terrence simply used his ability to run off. Despite the odds, Roland nearly unmasked their attacker, but the Joker imposter managed to run away, leaving Roland to take the unconscious Evie to the infirmary.

Once Seraphina arrived in the infirmary, Roland recollected everything that happened before her arrival and began to talk about how Terrence had run away like a coward. Seraphina attempted to defend Terrence's actions as self-preservation, but in her mind, she recalled the time when she and John were once chased by an Invisible Assailant during their time in Kovoro Mall.

Despite losing to the Joker imposter, once Evie regained consciousness, she was determined to improve her combat skills even further, and despite the warnings of both Seraphina and Roland, she continued to display a fiery dispositon against her future enemies. However, Seraphina knew that even the low-tiers, who spend most their time minding their own business, were also targets of the Joker imposters, and with every student following the examples set by the the first Joker, Wellston had fallen to complete chaos. Seraphina decides to root out the problem from the source and texts Arlo that she would be speaking with John.

Outside on the school yard, Holden thought about Remi's evaluation on his hall-monitoring; the Queen explained that with the Joker impostors running around the school, Holden's penchant for yelling at students would only spread more fear across the school. Holden was lost in his thoughts, and Arlo noticed that something seemed off. When asked if something was on his mind, Holden asked Arlo if he was "scary," and Arlo responded with a simple "no." Once Arlo answered the question, the received the text from Seraphina, letting him know that she would speak with John.

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