He could've easily lived an average life. So, why did he choose to be completely powerless? Why go to that extreme? No matter how you look at it, it's a bad idea.

- Seraphina


Despite his injuries, Blyke was proud of his newfound strength and how he defeated Lance and his goons the night before, however, the he still had to visit the infirmary to have his injuries treated. Blyke had assumed that his injuries from last night's battle were extensive, but upon closer inspection, Dr. Darren concluded that the injuries were from a scuffle with Isen, leading Darren to believe that Blyke and Isen had another brawl.

Isen meanwhile was in the Press Room organizing his papers until Seraphina stepped into the room and asked what the head of press knew about John Doe. Isen was suspicious of Seraphina's request at first and attempted to deny knowing John, but Seraphina assured Isen that Arlo told her the truth. Realizing that Seraphina was trying to gather information on John before speaking with him, Isen obliged to her requests and handed Seraphina numerous documents detailing John's past in New Bostin High School including his explusion records.

While reading the records, Seraphina found out that John originally did start off as a cripple before gaining his incredible power and accurately surmised that the book Unordinary was William's way of teaching John how to use his power properly. Seraphina understood that John's background as a cripple cultivated a desire for vengeance against the high-rankers; furthermore, Seraphina believed that John was genuine when he preached about the teachings of his father's book. However, while pondering John's life choices, Seraphina pondered why John would choose to enter Wellston Private High School as a cripple as opposed to a mid-tier. In her mind, being a mid-tier meant it would have been much easier to blend in with the general school population; choosing to be a cripple meant that John was putting himself in the same situation that led to his expulsion in the first place. Seraphina knew that John was relapsing to his violent ways.

The next day, Roland called Seraphina with an urgent message. Evie was attacked and knocked unconscious by a Joker.

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