I came to Newside to level up and to teach those assholes a lesson. That's it!

- Blyke


Despite Lance's attempt to disorientate Blyke with his Tremor ability, Blyke was able to maintain his focus and gain the upper hand against the criminal. Without his goons backing him, Lance was easily defeated and was unable to retaliate once he was downed. Backed into a corner, Lance attempted to play off his orders to "kill [Blyke]" in hopes to be spared, but Blyke had no intention of taking anyone's life. Instead, Blyke opted to shoot Lance's legs, rendering his ability to walk completely moot.

Blyke's heroic actions were misinterpreted by Amora, who believed that the vigilante had an ulterior motive, despite the vigilante vehemently denying her accusations. (Though Blyke internalizes a moment of guilt when he recalls he was was only motivated to get stronger quickly). Unable to reason with the civilian, Blyke decides to leave the injured Lance and his unconscious goons to the city administration. However, as Blyke hid behind a large rubbish bin and changed out of his vigilante costume, a mysterious ponytailed man noticed him...

Once he returned to his dorm, Blyke was unable to wake up and opted to skip the first class to catch more sleep. Though Blyke claimed that he had trouble sleeping the night before, Isen was more inclined to believe Blyke's sleeplessness was due to a lack of socks.

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