- Blyke


Once he discovered the source of the tremors to be none other than the criminal Lance, Blyke finds the criminal in question harassing a woman named Amora. Lance reveals to Amora that he moved to the low-tier district of Newside in hopes to take over the area without alerting the Authorities and attempts to command Amora to have Newside's administration surrender the town over to him. Just as Amora refused to comply with Lance's demands, Blyke shot the criminal with a well-placed Energy Beam before landing a kick on Lance's face.

Though dazed from ambush, Lance recognized Blyke as a vigilante and gloated that vigilantes tend to have a high mortality rate. The criminal called his numerous goons to attack and overwhelm Blyke, while Amora ran away to avoid getting hit in the crossfire. Blyke proved able to hold his own against the overwhelming odds, forcing Lance to intervene with his Tremor ability. With the ground shaking beneath his feet, Blyke was unable to keep his focus and had difficulties aiming properly at the oncoming attacks; he was soon overwhelmed, prompting Lance to call Blyke weak and gives the order to kill the vigilante.

With Blyke overwhelmed, Lance's insult triggered memories within Blyke's mind, and the vigilante was reminded of how his lack of strength prevented him from helping his allies. Filled with renewed vigor, Blyke unleashed a powerful shockwave against his foes and managed to knock all the goons out by shooting his finger beams at them. Once all of Lance's minions were knocked out, Blyke went after Lance himself.

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