We're gonna be taking over next year. We won't have anyone to fall back on.

- Blyke


After a long day of dealing with fake Jokers, Blyke and Isen are getting ready to go to sleep. There's a brief debate on whether or not wearing socks to bed helps one sleep better. Isen decides to change the subject by asking Blyke about a hypothetical scenario:

An office worker has been doing his job well for a long time, and always minded his own business. Suddenly, that guy's boss forces him to take on extra responsibilities. Despite his best efforts, the worker can barely keep up with the workload, and eventually makes a mistake. The boss is furious and orders the guy to fix that mistake under threat of killing his entire family.

Blyke sees through this "hypothetical scenario" and tells Isen to stop being so dramatic over Arlo yelling and storming off. Isen points out the fact that Arlo expects him to undo the damage caused by the leak that fake Jokers suddenly appeared. Blyke agrees that news as big as that would have inevitably spread, but reminds Isen to see things from Arlo's perspective. He goes on to explain that at the start of his reign, Arlo had to deal with a school that had lost all social structure at the star of his reign. After all the work he put into rebuilding and maintaining it, it's no wonder he's putting much pressure on his direct subordinates to help get Wellston back in order. After all, they would have the responsibility of doing the same when he graduates. Isen is annoyed that Blyke turned what was supposed to be a good old-fashioned ranting session into an after-school special, but agrees to step up in his responsibility before turning in. Blyke lies down as well, though he does not close his eyes.

Later, once he was sure Isen was fast asleep, Blyke gets up and grabs a backpack he concealed under his blanket. After a small scare involving Isen talking in his sleep, Blyke sneaks out with no further incident. Blyke makes his way to Newside, and the telltale rumbling confirms Lance's presence. Blyke plans to take Lance down as efficiently as possible, and to abort the mission if his target is boosted. Despite his doubts, the disguised Blyke is determined to engage Lance and his cronies...

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