I'm not the one who put Sera in danger! She's a target because of all the enemies she's made in the past! She's the one who lost her ability! She couldn't defend herself to that's why I stepped in! This all happened because of her!

- John


To start his vigilante careeer, Blyke began to research potential criminals, all while contending with the doubts in his mind. Despite his objections to working as a vigilante again, Blyke kept thinking back to how John had overpowered him and the rest of the royals, fueling his desire to get strong as quickly as possible. Blyke decides that the best tactic would be to stay low and leave immediately after defeating the criminals in order to avoid garnering attention.

Meanshile, Cecile reported to John about Seraphina's current condition and notified the Shadow King that there had been three fake Joker attacks on Seraphina. Despite being powerless, none managed to take down the former Ace thanks to Cecile taking care of one of them and Arlo taking care of the other. Upon mentoniong Arlo, however, Cecile explained to John that the two appeared to be on good terms, making her job of protecting Seraphina redundant. John's mood began to sour at the fact that Seraphina was avoiding him for Arlo and was only worsened once Cecile added that John was mentioned a few times in their conversations. This triggered a flashback of Adrion, who warned John about Claire gathering people behind his back.

John was still oblivious to why Seraphina refused to hang out with him, until Cecile suggested to John that Seraphina was far from clueless and had likely began to rekindle her relationship with Arlo in order to gain protection. Just as Cecile was about to tell John that telling the truth was the best possible way to get Seraphina back on his side, John reacted by violently slapping Cecile and angrily clarified that the situation was Seraphia's fault, not his. John then asked Cecile for more information on the conversation between Arlo and Seraphina, but Cecile was unable to give John any worthwhile answer due to her being far away from the conversation at the time. All John can do was call Cecile "worthless" as he stormed away from the empty classroom.

John's attempts to call Seraphina that night were just as fruitless as before, and with his temper reaching a breaking point, he angrily broke his phone and pondered why Seraphina continuously refused to take his side.

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