If you can't find me, then look for Remi or Isen. We'll take care of it for you. As long as you quit this Joker thing!

- Blyke


Remi is walking down the hallway when she overhears three students discussing the emergence of fake Jokers throughout the school and how they were sending many students to the infirmary. They mention the fact that there were three attacks just this morning. Remi realizes that despite their ongoing efforts to control the chaos, she, Blyke, and Isen weren't making much progress. She approaches the trio and asks for their input on how to improve the situation.

Elsewhere, another Joker incident is underway. The victim cries out for help, which arrives courtesy of Blyke and his Energy Beam. The masked student tries to bluff out Blyke, but Blyke knows better and apprehends the student. Blyke calls for another student to help Joker's victim to the infirmary. The victim and other surrounding students demand that the fake Joker be publicly unmasked, but Blyke asserts that the student will be dealt with in private, anonymity preserved for his safety. Blyke advises the victim of this attack to think back on all of the mean things he's done to warrant such retaliation, and adds not repeating them would mean less Jokers coming after him in the future. After ordering the students to disperse, Blyke turns to the fake Joker and warns that he'd better have a good reason for wearing that mask.

Later in private, the unmasked grey-haired Joker explains that he attacked the other student as payback for weeks of forcing him to complete homework for him. Blyke asked if he didn't think he was going overboard, but the student responded that it was the only chance weaker students had to make a stand without getting stomped on. Blyke points out that if his target had called his bluff, he'd be the one going to the infirmary. The student shrugs and says that would be a routine experience. Blyke sighs and tells the student to go to him, Remi or Isen for help if he gets picked on again. He sternly adds that any future Joker business would not be tolerated.

Blyke, Isen, and Remi reconvened within Remi's room in the girl's dormitories and reveal that in the first week alone, Remi and Blyke managed to stop a total of eight Jokers. They dreaded the certain increase of Jokers that was to come. Isen believed that he was to blame due to his lack of control over the school's information, but Remi consoled him and explained that it was the responsibility of all the high-ranking students; she explained to Isen that many of the false Jokers took matters into their own hands as the Royals were viewed as "obsolete." While Remi wished to change the view of the entire school by diffusing the Joker attacks and paint a more positive picture of Royals, Blyke pointed out current progress was slow and the trio would need backup. According to Remi, that backup would have to come from the other high-ranking students, but as soon as she was about to mention John, both Blyke and Isen scoffed at the notion of hiring the hypocrite who started the situation.

The next day, Cecile began her task of watching over Seraphina, and as she followed them, she noticed Seraphina and Arlo having a somewhat casual conversation.

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