I always assumed you wanted to take over Wellston because you were sick of seeing Seraphina be mistreated. But haven't you realized you've made her situation even worse?

- Cecile


Arlo recaps his motives for pushing John and reveals how he had orchestrated Seraphina's suspension in order to break John's cripple facade. However, while Arlo knew of John's incredible strength, he had sorely underestimated his opponent that day and lost horribly. Seraphina then asks why both Arlo and Elaine viewed John as monster, promting Arlo to further reveal John's background as the King of New Bostin High School, his subsequent expulsion, and how the supposed "cripple" formed many lies (such as his homeschooled background) to prevent questioning. On top of telling Seraphina the truth about John, Arlo further reveals that John had been using Arlo as an "errand-boy" to protect Seraphina in order to keep up his facade as a cripple.

While Arlo had patiently listened to John due to his superior power, Arlo told Seraphina that John easily could have stopped Zeke's godslayer stunt and protect Seraphina by using his ability, but refused to do so to keep up his facade, and his patience finally wore off when John opted to brutally beat up Isen out of vengeance instead of aiding in the search for the captive Seraphina. With better knowledge of the truth, Seraphina told Arlo she needed time to organize her thoughts, but once she does so, she vowed to talk to John.

The next day, John grew more frusturated with the fact that Seraphina refused to speak with him, until Cecile stepped into the room. She knew that it would only be a matter of time before Seraphina was attacked by one of the fake Jokers and told John that his Joker stunt only made the school's already toxic environment even worse. John initially took the statement as an insult, but Cecile explained that now that the Royals were all dethroned and the Joker's was identity still secret, it would be much easier for students to simply attack Seraphina (and other students) as they wished. Cecile advised that John reveals himself as the true Joker, but he refused and commanded Cecile to look after Seraphina.

Notes & Trivia

  • It is revealed in this chapter that Arlo initiated his ambush on John under the mistaken belief that he would be able to overpower the false cripple.
    • Prior to this chapter's release, Uru-chan revealed this fact during a Q & A session on Discord.[1]

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