You keep throwing people into complicated roles and expecting them to perform perfectly! We're not all as capable as you are!

- Isen

This is the 164th Chapter of unORDINARY.


Despite Isen's attempts and wishes to hide the information regarding the Fake Jokers, a warning regarding the imposters was posted on the bulliten borad and notified the students about the existence of the imposters. The notification caught the attention of many Wellston students, and many of them began to murer amongst themselves regarding this new information. The clamour of students caught the attention of Arlo, who became furious that Isen publicized such sensitive information.

Arlo stormed into the press room and found Isen cowering behind Remi, and he furiously inquired why Isen would reveal such sensitive infomration to the public. Isen revealed that he had never wanted the role as the Head of Press and that Arlo's obsession with the hierarchy has placed many individuals in positions they were ill-prepared for. Isen's rant only made Arlo more furious, but rather than using any physical force, he instead told Isen to get up and use his influence to salvage the mess. Before leaving, Arlo slammed the paper with the Fake Joker warning and left it for Isen to handle.

Once he left the Press Room, Arlo too was in a place of uncetainty and decided to text Seraphina to meet up after school. That afternoon, Seraphina did meet up with Arlo and the two sat awkwardly away from each other. Arlo recalled how both he and Seraphina once ruled the Wellston and turned it into a school of order. Relecting on his past at Wellston and the present, Arlo saw how far the school's order had fallen, and in the current state of chaos, Arlo admitted to Seraphina that he had no idea what to do. In response, Seraphina also admitted that she too was lost and told Arlo how John never gave a staight answer to the inconsitencies in his behavior. Knowing that it would prove fruitless to ask John for the truth, Seraphina decided to ask Arlo what happened between him and John.

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