Some stuff you gotta keep a that it doesn't escalate the situation.

- Isen

This is the 163rd Chapter of unORDINARY.


Amongst the havoc of the false Jokers, a green-eyed student found himself attacked by a purple-eyed Joker, and out of fear attempted to apologize for any wrongdoings he did against his attacker. Just before the Joker landed the finishing blow, Remi intervened and easily unmasked the false Joker. The green-eyed student recognized the unmasked individual and angrily accused the student for running into him the other day. The Joker imposter claimed it was an accident and revealed that the green-eyed student had unfairly torn up his homework in retaliation. Before the argument could escalate any further, Remi warned the green-eyed student that treating others poorly would always come back to bite him before turning to the false Joker and warned him that the Joker's identity was not to be trifled with. Remi then forced the two students to apologize before leaving.

Meanwhile, in Wellston's Press Room, Isen was proofreading articles for the newspaper until the green-eyed student reported to Isen about his encounter with the false Joker. While the reporter and the Press Team wanted a story to be published about the false Jokers running around the school in hopes to warn the other students about the threat, Isen thought to himself that such an article would only cause more students to take up the Joker mantle and wreak even more havoc. Despite the protests from the fellow Press Students, Isen commanded the Press Team to keep this information secret from the student body.

Frustrated with dealing with the Press Team that day, Isen ranted to Blyke about how the Press Team just wanted to publish every piece of news they could find rather than being mindful of what information to present to the student body. Isen further explained to Blyke that it was the job of the Press to keep certain bits of information away from public knowledge to prevent the escalation of certain situations; one such bit of information that Isen believed should be kept secret is the news of the fake Jokers running around the school. Just as Isen continued to rant, there was a news report of another EMBER attack that resulted in the death of the Vigilante Spectre. With EMBER's numerous successful assassinations, Blyke commented that the reporters are still unaware about the Ability-Enhancing Drug, but Isen continued to prove his point about the secrecty of the press; he explained that the news tended to retread certain points such as EMBER's tendency to target heroes. Despite the widespread media coverage of EMBER and the deaths of numerous vigilantes, Blyke wondered why vigilantes still persisted, and Isen answered that being a vigilante may have its benefits such as fame and riches. Isen further added that superheroes have to get stronger at a rapid rate in order to survive the harsh reality of crime and expressed his distaste for the job. Blyke, however, began to have some thoughts...

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