It just turns out that...someone who I've looked up to for a long time... was no different from everyone else.

- Seraphina

This is the 162nd Chapter of unORDINARY.


Despite John's jovial attitude in defeating the Joker, Seraphina knew that the Joker she fought was an impostor. The identity of the masked Joker was revealed to be a female student (named Kiara), and Seraphina knew that if she was passing off as a faker Joker, other students would do the same; anybody could attack anyone at any given time thanks to the Joker's actions. Thanks to her awareness of John's Joker idenity, Seraphina managed to ask John an armour-piercing question, without revealing her knowledge about the Joker, and questioned what the Joker's intentions for overthrowing the hierarchy were.

John continued to play dumb to further disassociate himself from the Joker, but the tense situation was averted when Evie recognized the maskless Kiara and praised John and Seraphina for taking out a powerful student without the aid of abilities. However, Evie was not unscathed, and Kiara's attack left the low-tier with a sprained ankle. As Seraphina helped support the injured Evie, John attempted to help her, but Seraphina refused his help, telling John that he had done enough. Once Seraphina and Evie left the hallway, John angrily beat up Kiara's unconscious body, calling her "f*cking trash."

Upon entering Darren's infirmary, the doctor directed Seraphina and Evie to the nearest infirmary bed, but in his mind, Darren wondered why Seraphina reminded him of Leilah. After laying Evie on the bed, all Seraphina could only think about her downfall from god-tier to cripple and how her emotional crutch, John, was no longer genuine nor trustworthy; these thoughts drove Seraphina to tears. Seraphina's crying awoke Evie, and when asked what was wrong, Seraphina told Evie that someone she once trusted was just like everyone else.

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