There's something seriously wrong with the way he functions, and if he can take us all down easily... Then who's supposed to check him?

- Blyke

This is the 159th Chapter of unORDINARY and the final chapter of 2019.


Once he had finished recovering from the hosptial, Blyke decided that he could no longer be roommates with John and decided to transfer his belongings from his room to Isen's room. Despite John's presence in the room, nothing of note had happened, and Blyke was able to pack his belongings without any conflict.

After moving to Isen's room, Isen jokingly told Blyke to use the closet as his bedroom, and to his suprise, Blyke was about to oblige. Isen noticed that Blyke lacked his usual "F*ck off @$$hole" response, and even when Blyke remembered to say "F*ck off @$$hole," Isen knew that something was wrong with Blyke. Isen attempted to console Blyke and told the former Jack that he was not used to losing, however, Blyke admitted that he did not mind losing at all. Rather, Blyke's problem was with John himself. He admitted that John showed no signs of remorse when he moved out and that he was fearful that there would be nobody to stop the Joker if he takes things further. Isen decides to dismiss the topic and head off to bed.

However, Blyke's worries soon plagued his nightmares, and in his dream, he saw a colossal Joker choking the life out of Remi and Isen. Unable to sleep, Blyke knew that once Arlo graduated, the school would only fall apart further, and he, as Arlo's successor would have to get stronger to continue Arlo's duty.

Despite being a week since Joker overthrew the royals, Blyke continued to hear the students talking about the battle as if it happened yesterday...until Isen revealed that the Joker's victory started a chain reaction. Isen told the two that other false Jokers were running across the school, and that some of the Jokers even had the gall to attack higher-ranked students such as Elaine. Remi surmised that these students used the Joker's anonymity to exact revenge on any student that may have wronged them in the past and that the student with the most enemies would be the one who would be the most popular target...

Just as the former Ace, Seraphina and Evie were walking down one of the hallways, they encouted the Joker...

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