I've got word that multiple Jokers have been running around the school.

- Cecile

This is the 159th Chapter of unORDINARY.


Targeted by the Joker, Elaine prepared to defend herself...until she Joker's eyes began to glow a bright blue colour as opposed to John's signature amber. Recognizing that this Joker was an imposter, Elaine managed to use her Healing to recover her wounds and easily managed to break one of the "Joker's" arms. Just as she was about to unmask the "Joker," however, the attacker managed to catch Elaine off guard and run away. Though Elaine attemted to search for the "Joker," the masked attacker had already blended in with the crowd. Thanks to the false Joker's disguise, Elaine was unable to identify her attacker.

Arlo was the first notified by Elaine about the "false Joker" terrorizing the school, and once Arlo realized that it was not John causing these attacks, he furiously punched a wall, cracking it. The dethroned King cursed John for throwing the school in disarray.

Meanwhile, Cecile reports to John about multiple Jokers wreaking havoc across Wellston, but John merely replied with "Go figure." Cecile believed that the false Jokers would only cause further chaos and disarray and that the best way to quell the chaos was to have John announce himself as King. However, John refused to announce himself and warned Cecile that she was in no position to command him.

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  • The Joker that attacked Elaine is revealed to have blue eyes, and during the brief moments he spoke, his speech bubbles appeared to be a dark shade of green, implying that his hair is also green in colour.
    • This implies that the identity of the false Joker is either Crail or Mardin as both characters possess green hair and blue eyes. If you compare text colors you can tell it’s Crail.



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