She trusts me. She'll believe me over the others.

- John

This is the 158th Chapter of unORDINARY.


After somehow escaping Joker, Gavin told one of his friends about the traumatic encounter, but his friend had a difficult time believing that Joker would waste his time on some "small-fry" like Gavin.

Outside of the school, Seraphina continued to train Roland, Evie, and Terrence in self-defense, but recent revelations made Seraphina punch Roland hard enough to make his nose to bleed. Angrily, Seraphina lectured Roland how bullies would not go easy on them and that they purpose made targets of the weak and defenseless before storming off. Sensing that something was wrong, Evie followed Seraphina and asked if there was something bothering her. Seraphina admitted that she had been frusturated and without any useful abilities, she and the rest of the lower-ranked students were at a disadvantage. Evie asked why Seraphina sounded as if she was giving up, but the former Ace could only think about how John had lied to her and how she is also spreading his lies. Seraphina chose to call it quits for the day, but in her mind, Evie begged that Seraphina would not leave them behind.

In his dorm, John was still unable to reach Seraphina and realized that she had been actively avoiding him. Recalling his previous meeting with Seraphina, John began to realize that his best friend had suspected him of being the Joker and wondered who ratted him out. However, John believed that he had everything under his control and that Seraphina would believe whatever he says; if he assured Seraphina he was not the Joker, everything would go his way.

The very next day, Joker targets Elaine.

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