But he's dealing with everything though brutality!...The situation will only get worse!

- Remi

This is the 157th Chapter of unORDINARY.


Arlo and Isen decide to visit Remi and Blyke, both of whom have been severely injured during their battle against Joker. Remi, crushed by her recent defeat, bemoaned how she had failed to even unmask the Joker despite planning to take a loss to publically reveal the Joker's idenity and apologized for not heeding Arlo's warnings. However, Arlo opted to forgive Remi instead of scolding her like he usually did.

With John as the undisputed King of Wellston, the (former) royals were left in a state of uncertainty and were wondering what the future would hold under John's rule. Remi wanted to take action against John, believing that the Joker's violent actions would inspire other students to follow his example, but Arlo argued against the idea, knowing that another attempt at battling John would result in Remi beaing beaten, humiliated, and hosptialized again. Arlo told Remi to stop looking for trouble and advised her to rest before leaving.

After Arlo and Isen left hosptial, Blyke chimed in with is own thoughts. The Jack sided with Arlo and admitted that he was having doubts about his powers. With the recent battle against Volcan and two defeats against Joker, Blyke told Remi that he was not as strong as he though and saw his loss of his Jack status as "fitting."

Meanwhile, back at Wellston, the bully Gavin found himself pursued by the Joker, but he somehow managed to escape. John then went into an abandoned classroom to think about Seraphina's reaction from the day before until he was interrupted by an annoyed Cecile. Even though he was in his right to announce himself as the new King of Wellston, John had yet to make a public announcement proclaiming his kingship. Cecile was annoyed with John's nonchalant behavior, but he simply told Cecile that there was no need to rush.

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