You know... I really looked up to him... But everything was a lie.

- Seraphina

This is the 156th Chapter of unORDINARY and the first episode of Season 2.


John's rampages against the student body of Wellston Private High School did not go unnoticed by its headmaster, and for his actions, John was called to meet up with Headmaster Vaughn. Though initially, Vaughn turned a blind eye to John's actions, once he found out that John was also targeting the Royals, the Headmaster put his foot down and warned John that future rampages will have consequences. John believed that his actions were justifyable as "self-defense," but Vaughn warned John that this was his last warning and dismissed the student. Once John had left, Keene expressed concern over John's mindset as a late-bloomer and feared that the Authorities were watching them closely. Despite Keene's concerns, Vaughn assured him that he will deal with the Authorities once they came.

Outside the office, John attemtps to call Seraphina, but every time he called, they were rejected. Concerned for his best friend, John went to visit Seraphina that night. After surprising Elaine with his visit, John attempted to cheer up the derpessed Seraphina, but she simply wanted to be left alone. Before he left, however, John asked Elaine if she told Seraphina his secret, and the Healer denied telling the Ace.

Once John had left the room, Seraphina angrily threw her pillow onto the floor and cursed herself for believing John's lies. However, Elaine told Seraphina not to blame herself for not knowing and revealed to her rommate that John had threatened both Elaine and Arlo to tell nobody about his secret. As these truths were revealed to her, Seraphina realzed how little she knew her best friend.

The next day, Arlo and Isen were seen at the hopstial to check on Remi and Blyke.

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