No more Royals. No more Hierarchy.

- John

This is the 155th episode of unORDINARY and the final episode of Season 1.


Despite most of the Wellston Students gathering around to witness Joker's battle against the Royals, Seraphina was more concerned with helping Evie study in the library. However, the study session of both girls were interruped by Holden, who told Seraphina that Arlo wanted her to witness the battle. Seraphina begrudgingly agrees and Holden leads the two to the East Courtyard of Wellston.

Continuing on from the previous chapter, Arlo enters the battle to aid Remi against the rampaging Joker. Down an arm and livid beyond words, Joker attempts to blast Arlo with an Lightning-enhanced Energy Beam, but the King easily blocked the attack, leaving Joker open for a counterattack from Remi. To the Queen's surprise, Remi managed to land a hit on the Joker, and a weakness was found in the Joker's ability. Joker was unable to use Barrier despite the fact that Arlo had used it mere moments earlier; Arlo theorized that the Joker cannot copy multiple high-level abilities or cannot copy more than four abilities. Meanwhile, Seraphina recognized some of the stances the Joker used during his battle and began realize a terrible truth.

During the battle, Arlo managed to trap Joker within his Barrier, allowing Remi to electrocute the wild card. However, despite the immense pain he was in, Joker managed to have enough focus to continue shooting with Energy Beam. Left with no other options, Remi attempted to un-mask Joker once more, but Joker easily out-maneuvered the Queen and knocked her unconscious. Just as Joker was about to continue beating the unconscious Remi, Arlo tackled the Joker to save her, but he too was no matched for the masked attacker.

Once the battle had concluded, Seraphina had figured it all out; John was not powerless at all and had lied to her for the past year. She realized that Arlo was telling the truth, that John was the Joker all along. With Arlo publically defeated, Holden announced that a new King must be elected in place of the usurped one; Joker is now the King of Wellston.

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