- Remi

This is the 154th episode of unORDINARY.


The battle between Remi and the Joker begins, and already Joker has the upper hand. Expecting the Joker to use Cecile's ability, Remi was surprised that the masked attacker had Zeke's Phase Shift instead and was forced to use her Lightning much earlier than planned. Despite the Joker having two amped abilities, Remi managed to hold her own until Blyke began to snipe Joker with his Energy Beam. All Remi had to do was to whittle down the Joker's defenses and unmask him when he could not retaliate. After taking a powerful shock, the Joker was seemingly immobilized and vulnerable to attack...until Remi attemped to unmask him.

By feigning his paralysis, Joker managed to get the drop on Remi and moved on to battling Blyke and Isen. Blyke had thought he was safe on the rooftops of one of the school buildings, but with his Lightning and Phase Shift-enhanced speed, Joker effortlessly scaled the wall and added Hunter and Energy Beam to his arsenal of abilities.

Meanwhile, inside the school, Arlo and Holden heard rumours about the battle between Joker and Remi. Once Arlo reached one of the windows overlooking the battlfield, he witnesses Remi call attention to the Joker, and the masked attacker responds with a desvatasting attack to finish her off. Arlo then commands Holden to find Seraphina before entering the fray himself. By using his Barrier to protect Remi, Arlo engages Joker in one last battle to defend his position.

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